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Twelve years and counting, the friendship between Owner, Marquita and Chief Paw Officer, Colby J. has been meant to be from the very start.


In spring of 2012, Marquita’s aunt was diagnosed with cancer. Being the natural problem solver and advocate for fun that she is, Marquita had the bright idea to get a dog for her younger cousins, to serve as a distraction from their mom's diagnosis and treatment regimen. Living in an apartment that didn’t allow pets, at the time, she didn’t get approved to adopt, so opted to purchase from a local pet store.


According to Marquita, Colby was timid, sad, and seemed to be in desperate need of love and a jail break. After a week of courting, Marquita took Colby to his temporary home for training. Their first weekend together was full of tears, discovery, and potty pads – lots and lots of potty pads! But a quick learner and a consistent, patient teacher, the two got into the perfect groove. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and Marquita’s aunt passed away suddenly – something no one was prepared for. Not initially wanting a dog herself, Marquita was faced with a decision – keep Colby or find him a new home. With all of the change he had already experienced and all of the change mounting her way, adapting to loss, Marquita made the only decision that made sense which was to stick it out together and allow them to care for each other, and care for each other they did!


“I often say, Colby is a furry reminder that God is real. He brought me a friend, someone to care for and keep me grounded while dealing with the loss of my most favorite person.”


Always a finicky eater, Marquita learned to make treats that Colby could enjoy without the threat of an upset stomach. With a focus on clean and simple, that still felt special and fun, Sweet Paws Creamery was born.


Now, partnering with local and underrepresented farmers, packaging that is bio-degradable and eventually setting up a fund for first time pet-owners to receive help with training and vet care - Sweet Paws Creamery is on a mission to make products that are not just good for Colby, but for all dogs and the communities they bark in!

Doggy Birthday
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